Introducing Public Relations Unit Two Qazvin Municipality

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One of the roles of public relations in the organization is achieving the goals adopted by the Public Relations Institute of 2 council district 89 years and tried all their efforts towards achieving the goals of the organization and optimization in order to inform citizens and solve their problems is applied to the area of public relations In addition to activities conducted by various areas of permanent commissioned the following things to do: print, photography, video, design, printing, reporting, tracking and coordinating other
Public municipality 2 all your effort is applied in a manner worthy of the pre-defined goals can serve the region and needs to be citizens. It is hoped in future years with their personal process which effort of executive style and context of a single unit planned to spend and will become instrumental

Job description public relations unit of the two Qazvin Municipality

Public relations duties

The most important task of public relations, recognition and influence public opinion to satisfy the public opinion to the municipality within the organization and outside the organization are followed. Certainly, in the form of this task is performed with a set of communication activities that they can Thtnavyn communications and cultural affairs, exhibitions, publications, research and assessment, and thoughts will Brnamhryzydsthbndy. Who went on to explain Let's examine these tasks.
- Efforts to further strengthen the spirit of understanding between employees and managers and Zmynhsazybray communication between them.
- Organization declared positions.
- Membership and participation in sessions organized important to determine the policies, policies, programs and activities Vrvnd awareness sessions and the results of other congregations and meetings.
- Developing "a comprehensive calendar of organizational communication" in the form of meetings and official visits Bashkhsythay real and legal organizations
- Provision of necessary measures and actions to guide clients and facilitating access to and Msyvlansazman centers.
- Inform the public about planning and municipal performance
- Officials plan annual interviews with the press units, according to organizational priorities Vnyaz·hay public opinion.
- Ahsan linking with the press, radio, television and news agencies and optimal utilization of their people Brayatlarsany.

And exhibitions on cultural affairs

- Holding seminars and participation in specialized meetings and public
- Advertising coverage for buildings and public spaces in commemorating special occasions and holidays.
- Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for Fzasazy cultural propaganda - advertising on buildings and grounds.
- Exhibitions Management (annual, perennial and ...) inside and outside the municipality
- Design and production of promotional gifts for donation to the audience
- Preparation, formulation and implementation of event calendar


- Editing books, publishing pamphlets and materials to introduce the municipality
- Gathering and publishing news and information and reports related to policies, activities, plans and programs; Bashyvhha and effective and appropriate formats.
- Compile and publish annual performance summary for the municipality to provide public opinion.

Assessment ideas

- Provide periodic analytical reports (monthly / quarterly / yearly) of public opinion inside and outside the organization to manage Brayarayh.
- Review and evaluate activities of units reflected in particular the elite strata of people, media and devices Yksvv managers and employees of the other side and report it to management.
- Assessment of public opinion within the unit in order to retrieve a proper strategy and issues management.
- Collection system design and implementation of employee suggestions to improve the flow Hrchhmvsrtr Affairs

Research and Planning

- Provide periodic performance reports of public relations activities.
- Innovation, creativity and design new activities in the realm of public relations duties.
- Monitoring and evaluating activities and applying the results in future programs and activities.
- Designing and planning for upgrades to all matters that the quality of communication and empathy between the units and people, and devices and lead managers and employees together.

Employee participation in the sorrow and joy

Public relations should try to attend to the possible way to Nshandhd each employee. In addition to exceptional cases that public relations can be based on the specific nature of their employees Kmkknd, sending messages of congratulations and condolences at the appropriate times, can participate samples of employee relations and joy is sorrow Mvmydr. These things cause or reinforce their sense of public relations is cooperation with the staff.


Special ceremony held in the special occasion of the important tasks of internal public relations. Aynmnasbtha can about special occasion such as anniversary of the formation of municipal organization or national occasions and is Mhmmzhby. In addition to the ceremony commemorating the occasion, the staff awareness in this different manner Mvardartqa’ and they can be used for promoting the organization.

Inform staff

Inform the staff to turn low Ahmyttr of not informing authorities. Inform employees of Shyvhhaymhm the shelves can be set up information, exhibits established, the project staff Brnamhhaybazdyd index, recreational organizations and visit the program named.

Strengthening national and religious culture
Public relations, as the first and most important instrument that deals with employees, they need to Artqayfrhngy to do specific tasks. Although these tasks in the form of other tasks such as wall newspapers Nshryhdakhly and realized gains,

Special follow-up staff to solve problems

One of the other measures of public relations staff could do to help, do Vyzhhbray fix up some problems are specific and emergency personnel. This action to the satisfaction of creating good Mvmykarknan internal communication, has been very effective.

Other public relations duties

Collecting and compiling annual plans and providing management units
Collecting and compiling annual reports and provide management units
Specialized seminars in the information.
Activities to participate in seminars outside of the center staff.
To help staff provide seminars and journal articles.
Establish regular communication between managers, staff and office center and trying to improve their relations.
Visits Planning Department, managers and other employees of other organizations and community centers.
Planning people off center hits, from the center.
Collection and analysis of customer comments and contact centers, provided the proposed improvements and provide for Bhryast center.
Assessment Center staff ideas in various fields and offer results to department managers and other centers.
Provide necessary information to customers about the Center goals, activities and service center.
Help Center clients.
All data collection and analysis within and outside the center of activity and performance and provide the results to President Tasyrmygzarnd center.
Attempt to introduce the Center and its goals and services to the community and its specific audience of Trqmkhtlf.
Center to facilitate communication with other centers and local and international scientific communities.
Publish news about the center activities through mass media.
Preparation and distribution of news bulletins and internal publications to increase awareness of managers and other staff.
Study and analysis of news and information published by public media, which is associated Falythaymrkz preparation and response necessary to explain the cases.
Center offers system implementation.
Center management information system implementation.
To hold exhibitions.