History Established two Qazvin Municipality

Although the two Qazvin Municipality of counting is in second place but in practice the city's first municipal area to the year 1369 Hijri in Qazvin city aims to provide welfare services to citizens was established and launched. The municipality also the largest urban area with 45 / 1312 ha area covered by itself.

During these years the municipality attempted to provide services in the city has rules and regulations based on national activity under city council shall direct. Now also in services in the municipality maintaining and expanding the city laws and regulations on urban planning and design are provided within the area covered by the two municipalities that channel water to the north Taleghan Booali south streets, Taleghani, Asr and Ayatollah Boulevard ... Khamenei belt from East to East and West and from Shahid Beheshti Blvd to the intersection of Boulevard Bahonar University Blvd, Shahid Navab Safavi up ends more than 176 thousand people - over 55 percent of the people of Qazvin both live in the area . Services to more than 55 percent of the people management part of the city of Qazvin, and that most of the activity center offices, organizations and bodies, cultural, educational and public that a special place for the municipal area has developed two Qazvin.
All municipal employees in Qazvin region two years 89, 113 people and the municipal budget this year totaled 109 billion is 464 million rials.