Planning Unit:
Process of growth of urban population, the country Vyzhhkh logic, optimal use of urban space makes inevitable, comprehensive and detailed plans to the city proper productivity Mnzvrayjad ground for urban capacity needs of its residents, and planning and planning are important Factors controlling and guiding urban development exists to the physical buildings are constructed so that no annoying Sakhtmatny Khvdnshvnd adjacent buildings, so the criteria for legal Rabt Makyn Article hundred municipal land and property located within the boundaries of cities or have required the city to Before any civil action or any land separated from the municipality to obtain license and thus regional municipality in accordance with the principles of technical guidance Bhmalk license applicant is who owns the area of technical principles and the license applicant's license is in accordance with guidance Map and conditions contained in the license to modify their buildings if the owners of land, without any license or permit or the provisions opposed surplus to municipal construction permit can prevent them from building operations and construction to the offending file mentioned Commission Abuse of the case and vote to fine, shut down or damage hereby issued to M Ynmayd anomaly prevented urban construction will

Responsible for urban area
Urban area responsible for the area under the task manager shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Orders recorded in letters and demands
All initial drafts and approved the Urban Unit
Monitor the performance of experts and hundreds of people and material interface Commission subset
All inquiry is confirmed - ordered maps - butterflies - hundreds Article Payankar and tables .... and
Correspondence with city approval letters approval letters and making bank and insurance
Urban planning regulations to control the records by expert
Separation and confirmation of plans to send them documents and property record
Participation in Commission meetings and technical committee of hundreds Article
Participation in meetings Urban Center
Correspond with the circular mapping

Responsible for mapping
Responsible for surveying under ¬ vice area of duty to
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Karbryhay announced withdrawal and various land and property
Digital harvesting and excavation and embankment Ahjam calculated path
Harvest and drawing profiles and longitudinal and transverse Blvd Alley
Harvesting and land surveying and property owners to agree
Project design and route mapping line was calculated
Implementation of digital lines and give the project needed to observers
Right round and correct implementation of geometric Square Intersections
Implementation and lack of preparation Gzrhay Gchryzy route tables
Implementation and spike parts belonging to the municipality land
Weber foam pieces to owners request
BA and preparation areas and drawing property agreement and Peers
BA Property records referred circle and Technical Unit

Help Surveyor
Surveyor in charge of aid under the plan ¬ ¬ taken to task
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Assist in urban hits (including suicide meters, taking Zhalvn, carrying the camera and tripod)
Surveying stations handling
Implementation of parts and spike
Vector profiles and Tvpv radiography

Enforcement Officer
Responsible for implementation of provisions under the charge of urban planning task can ¬
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Set notification and notify the owners
Article delivery records of the Commission and numbered one hundred and login and run to evaluate
Cases that followed warning has been given (in person, by phone)
Send files of up to three and two penalties to settle income
File imminent destruction and restore the situation to the former case (a) and 106
Statistics provided executive records (fines, destruction) to the superior responsible
Coordination with related departments for execution (security, Ajrayyat, recycling, engines, ...)
Sentence of Article 55 case (closed) responsible for coordination with security

Enforcement Officer
Enforcement Officer under the provisions of the implementation task is responsible to ¬
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Commission served notice of Article one hundred
Notification has been given followed by
Face to face and telephone follow-up
If settled, obtaining Tayydh income unit
If no settlement is the implementation of votes that if the business closed or restore the situation to the former mode
Votes degradation (performance degradation)
Votes seal and restore the former status of implementation of state vote
Reporting to superiors
Call of income units and preparing statistics

Urban responsible for public relations
Responsible for public relations in charge of Urban Planning under the duty to ¬
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Correspondence with Planning Department to send records to the Commission Article 5
Help clients to follow the process file
Case referral experts Urban
Offered to follow up matters regarding the health experts and reporting procedures
Preparation of urban area performance statistics
Forms and guidance provided to clients completing forms
Archived records and expert groups Article 5
Urban affairs and coordination of all relevant periodic correspondence
Responsible for doing the referral of Urban

¬ Map and expert approval criteria
¬ Map and expert approval criteria under the charge of urban planning area shall perform the duties
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Control and acceptance of documents requested maps license
Control and approval of architectural plans, they
Control checklist topic 19 National Building Regulations
Correspondence with offices and design engineers for the cases studied breeding plans, licensing
Review and comment on plans announced coefficient, density, and submitted to the Commission modified Article 5 License
Review and comment on the announced reform of the charge referred parking arrangement Urban
Control input maps for Urban Systems Licensing
Participation in Urban Planning Department meetings
Correspondence and coordination with the fire companies and related expert control maps if necessary

Urban planning expert
Expert in charge of urban planning under the Urban area duty shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Ownership and control of documents and evidence presented
Statistics from
Control plans presented (top) and control it with the status quo
Conclusion to the above measures taken
Correspondence and answer inquiries with the relevant departments
Map order of owners and demand conformity with regulations
And control of buildings and structures made and refer violations to the Commission Article percent
Access to the entire estate Astlamhay referral and match situation where aerial map
Drafting butterflies - reform - not against - extended - Payankar and ...
Demand for the separation of land and property owners

Detailed design expert
Detailed design expert responsible for urban planning zone under the duty shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Urban area to prepare proposals submitted to the Department to evaluate and improve urban planning
Archive maps and mapping in the area of new
Study permit issued by the urban and rural Shvar match
E investigated and send files to the Commission Note 1 and 2 of Article 3 City Council approved
Determine land use in accordance with detailed plans for inquiries
Prepare and Peru. Do the project is to commission detailed plan
Article 5 of Commission decisions collected and archived to make decisions
Request Detailed design and drawing changes proposed
And completion of certain records in order to raise the technical committee
Participation in technical committee meetings and city building
Review and comment on the announced separation of land and property

Urban Motesadi Public Relations
PR Motesadi Urban area under the charge of public relations functions to Urban
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Of documents provided by the property owners
Document control file Vtshkyl
Urban planning expert referral case
Help customers and follow process cases
Preparation of statistics for municipal public relations

Article percent commission Motesadi
Article Motesadi cent commission under the charge of urban planning task shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Prepare records sent to the Commission Article percent
Cooperation with the officer notified the Commission votes on the primitive notification, and reconsider the matter within one hundred and
Issued and approved ten-day notice to provide defense
Cooperation with the agent regarding the issuance of warnings given 48-hour, 10-day notes to pay debts
Commission records filing and maintenance of hundreds Article
Prepare statistics relating to the Commission Article percent
Follow up and send files Note 2 and Note 3 and an executive office and sealed Ajrayyat
¬ fined by the sending unit and the income level up to settle them or split application