Municipal organization that city residents with rights granted to them by law to create and manage public facilities and the terms and conditions and implementation of urban systems and provide common services and local Havaeji has created and it is available and Nmayndky services that make up the cost of doing it is essential to the rational approach between property owners, including breaking and career Msthdsat proration and collect them and to collect revenues and provide the exact implementation of laws and regulations in this field situation use was
Total revenues the first six months 88 municipal area are two 78 billion rials

Responsible for income
Responsible for regional income under the task manager shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Control and daily work of those subsets
Calculated and determined based on regional prices and table book value of trading days
Installment checks to address client matters
Current events and initial inquiries banks and butterflies
And records of initial acquisition and renovation
Study area and checks Vsv L
Daily and monthly statistics of municipal management and municipal center area
Participation in municipal meetings and the budget was
Presentation and suggested ways for income ¬ ¬ solved as soon as possible to achieve more sustainable income

In consequence Motesadi
Motesadi in general come under the charge of the task was to
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Calculation and licensing of foot complications or Nkar (residential, commercial, administrative and ......)
2% tax calculated transport fields and Peers
Calculated field separation effects and Peers
Calculate the cost side preparation
Drilling cost is calculated
Calculate the deficit side parking
Calculate the added complication of building-related offenses
Balcony and side effects lawyer calculating shopping
Calculate the density and the effects excess of purchase
Fish and write audit complications

Responsible Renovation
Modernization under the responsible charge of revenue shall perform the duties
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Control and check things to make people subsets
Calculating and determining the annual property and effects Msthd Sat fact that under article 2 of law and urban renewal and construction prices extracted from the zoning book based on the instructions of Interior Ministry of Finance
Audit review and block circulation once every five years in the region under rules set Renovation
Discriminant property is newly separated
Review and approval of all letters and inquiries is
Sa Mfa collect and create complications for property to be paid
Renewal form for all cases according to the audit and property owners see
Complications and trumpet as the annual Fish and mass Thsab case
Plaque control on the map and justification tattoo No Kobe, collected daily
Records modernization to address whether recoupment account
Comment on the audit, Year, Account Type properties, history and operating the various municipal circles

Motesadi Renovation
Motesadi modernization under the modernization task seems responsible
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Calculation of annual effects
Formation and completion records
Filing cases to make
Assist in the receipt and distribution of warnings
Writing on the records without notification of audit
Block circulation and property audit monthly basis
Followed Article 12 (power failure debtors Renovation)
New Fyshhay collected daily in the computer system modernization
Fish prepared for mass and individual property area
Statistics from file to troubleshoot and determine the plaque
New information and new land was divided into apartments Jdydalahdas computer system
Correspondence with agencies for Toll Collection

Motesadi business eyes!
Motesadi eyes! Business income under the charge of duty shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Using audit as an information source business eyes!
Filing documentation relating to business records under the eyes! And Updating Information
Respond to inquiries related to goodwill, unions and the lease is ¬
Correspondence with the fire companies for commercial real estate
Updating receipt and acquittance for shops which side of the business acquisition and has paid
Receipt issued for delivery to business owners and business tenants
Questionnaires completed for each unit and commercial trade
Submitted cases that trade effects have not paid their commission to the 77 municipalities
Meetings and coordination with the State Assembly or trade unions to take up business license
Investigation and control of construction done and violations referred to the Commission Article percent
Demand for licensed owners of business licensing, goodwill, leases, etc.
Visit the site and investigate violations, unauthorized commercial buildings and structures