Property Unit:
Scope of this unit, and the type of broad activities Rzmrh it is very important that these tasks require Vahdbh is responsible for affairs related because all units are surrounded by construction projects after approval and referral to this area of the stage to maturity Prdasht Malin how applicants plaques located in the path plan and protect the rights of owners and other public law shall be investigated in this regard Adarty Hmahnky with assets such as endowments and Housing and Urban Development and the Office of Justice documents record official documents and interminable Amz remedial work required is

Responsible property
Regional property manager in charge of the area under the duty to ¬
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Answer as if the client and follow the affairs related
Referral work done by the Mayor
Examining property records area
Of property located in the project and determine priority and referred to town planning and surveying for obtaining Parliament resolution of municipal land
Follow up cases referred to the surveying and property and legal
Agreement with the owner regarding the price paid or Mvz
Planning agreement for property owned ¬ e ¬ in public projects and municipalities
Set and send the bill to City Council for permission
Rivers in the legal process for selling and Shvar abandoned and the remaining lands adjacent to merge into plaques

Property Expert
Expert real estate property under the charge of the ¬ duty to
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Examining property records area
Agreements do real estate in the land transfer plan Mvz or cash etc.
Obtaining documents for properties in the municipality of Deeds and Properties Registration Office
If the House resolution for obtaining municipal lands that should be separated
Follow up cases referred to, property, home office, Housing and ...
Follow up cases referred to the surveying and property
Property identified in plans and determine priorities and referral to the town planning and surveying
Tracking changes to municipal land owned by Urban Unit
Ground up and separated persons and municipalities
Persons with a real estate deal back when licensing is Nshymy
Affairs office properties unit
Record for property located in the Plan of developmental ¬