Director job description and personnel related to those areas

Regional director
Regional manager under supervision of the mayor had the authority and is responsible for obligations under
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Supervising the affairs of the region to do all municipal goals
Issuing the necessary orders regarding requests and referring clients to relevant units
Acting on instructions from superiors who are referred
Control and building permit approval, lack of contrast and Payankarbd of urban units, revenue, finance and deputy district
Approval and control of licenses completed and sent to the group of experts and commission hundreds Article
Fi correspondence signed between the municipality office and organs that financial and time commitment for the municipality shall establish
Supervising construction restricted area regulations Urban
Regional planning and budget staff in accordance with guidelines
Administrative supervision, evaluation and Employment regional headquarters under the instruction of
Monitor the performance of all municipal organizations within the region
Signed sentences personnel
Deputy district
Deputy regional director of the region under the duty shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Coordinating units to provide quality services to citizens
Monitor the performance of all regional affairs
Ordering the necessary demands of customers and particularly in reference to the relevant units
Necessary actions on instructions from the regional manager will be referred
Signature files and letters issued, the command map, the Commission Article percent, official documents, offices, banks
Fi correspondence signed between the municipality office and organs
Income area committee meetings and the continuing demands of the municipality
Real Estate and Urban group meetings and follow-up work is
Investigate all complaints and refer to the relevant circles and action needed to evaluate
Exit sign and leave personal and administrative staff
¬ license control and initial construction and finishing works
Newspaper in charge of establishing regional
Office and follow up
Office followed up under the regional director shall perform the duties.
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Follow-up telephone conversations
Dashboards and affairs related to initial documents
Filing and record entry and exit documents and correspondence
Help clients
Receive and send all the letters in the office of district manager
¬ control and confirmation through automation management before signing
For coordination meetings
All visitors coordination with regional director
Coordination in all matters referred to the area manager's office
Perform other duties from the district director