County chief duties:
1 - keeping, maintenance and repair networks with passages making headlines spots, asphalt repair tables and Rivers, valve installation and modification, etc.
2 - Identification of problems and problem areas and taking complaints and requests reflect the people and regions, municipalities affiliated organizations, governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations and perform necessary follow-up to achieve results
3 - identify and pursue the topic of dangerous places, organizations and governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations to eliminate the risk of passages
4 - Create an area and interconnected Shvrayary neighborhoods and religious centers, cultural, social and sporting
5 - to communicate and interact with the station in charge of urban services area
6 - Create an appropriate atmosphere for area residents responding to public needs
7 - Monitoring and Evaluation passages drilling permits and legal acts dealing with offenders
8 - control drilling license and registration and provide periodic reports
9 - legal measures in case of any anomaly in the network of passages such as structural damage or theft of property violations, municipal facilities or places, crossing the dam construction materials or peddler, Graffiti, or any act which caused financial and moral damages is for the municipality.
10 - prioritize development projects, green space, traffic areas and provide areas where the meetings
11 - Track and removing barriers to engagement with civil projects with a construction area responsible
12 - little oversight on construction projects and interaction with the area responsible for implementing regional development projects in accordance with the approved priorities
13 - Provide reports daily, weekly, monthly and courses according to forms approved by the coordination office areas
13 - agenda and provided little oversight on the performance of repair and maintenance contractors passages
14 - if confirmed by quantitative status of repairs and maintenance contractors passages
15 - Identification and knowledge of the plans and prospects subsidiary organizations within the municipality area
16 - all announced changes to the unit surface area for GIS Maps update
17 - participate effectively in regional areas of internal meetings
18 - Implementation guidelines communicated

Article three) Deputy District job descriptions:
1 - follow-up duties in the absence of the head region area
2 - followed by the chief duties of County
3 - Performance Monitoring Amman, Ajrayyat Expert and Supervisor District
4 - reports required regional planning, management and coordination of areas ...
5 - Other matters assigned by the head of region

Article Four) patrol duties Ajrayyat County Squad
1 - regular tour schedule, according to the head region defined by region level
2 - control construction and repair permissions on the surface area
3 - control and report defects to the head of construction and urban services area
4 - removing the dam and building materials Mbrhay vendor trash in area
5 - Report to the President places the risk region (valve fracture, and sinking ...)
6 - to prevent unauthorized installation of panels, billboards, physical barriers, etc.
7 - to prevent theft or destruction of property, the municipality sets
8 - Graffiti Prevention and cleaning it in case
9 - Report problems caused by other governmental and nongovernmental agencies to the head area
10 - immediate action and relief to civilians in times of natural disaster occurrence
11 - Perform other duties by the president or vice area

Article Five) Motesadi affairs office duties:
1 - office affairs including: planning, registration, filing and follow-up correspondence
2 - responding to citizens
3 - responding to telephone reference
4 - Perform other duties by the president or vice area

Article Six) drilling supervisor job description:
1 - quantitative monitoring of the excavation of streets, including:
• investigate the address and deadline Area License
• Use tape and warning boards at the project site
• Panel installation in the excavation project introduced by the longitudinal (main)
• collecting trash and excess soil
• refurbished drilling with regard to the existing arrangement
2 - providing daily reports to the President or Deputy District
3 - interaction with Patrol Squad Ajrayyat drilling for dealing with violations
4 - responsible for coordination and interaction with regional drilling
5 - registered software license and the results viewed drilling
6 - Perform other duties by the president or vice area

Article Seven) area expert job description:
1 - The Hits Tickets declared a correspondence, telephone and in person to the citizens and the results Chairman or Deputy District
2 - hits, category and estimated Cost of repair pathways, including spots making, repairing trenches, repairing or installing tables and Kanyv, repair or install valves and steel bridge, etc. and presenting them to the head or deputy district
3 - visit and review Cost estimate for the empty land surrounding the making and presentation to the head and deputy district
4 - removing the barriers to pursuing development projects with comments or Deputy District Chief
5 - visiting danger passages passages and reporting to the head or deputy district
6 - others referred to visits by the Chairman or Deputy District

Article Eight) duties Squad Amani area:
1 - repair pathways to fitness facilities and human resources available include: repairing tables, making asphalt patches, install and repair valves, installation or repair of steel bridges, slab and similar investments
2 - Restricted making (elastic walls, fences elastic) empty and dangerous lands
3 - do public works building (elastic blade, installing flooring, painting and ...)
4 - Perform other duties by the president or vice area