Legal Unit:
Sensitive and serious responsibility of law enforcement and municipal regulations and rights, in connection with claims by allowing claims against the municipality and to collect claims in order to collect municipal rights, resolve legal problems in the units and resolve them, to clarify some difficult cases (interpretation and infirm) and comment in relation to legal questions raised by the subordinate units, also set the gravamen criminal lawsuit, and said warning letters, bids and tenders, and cooperation in the implementation of the Commission votes municipalities subject focus, response referring inquiries, notification rules and regulations and how their implementation, in participating in the special committee and commission and ..... including the legal obligations that the municipality is responsible for administration

Regional legal adviser under direct regional task manager shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
E. provide legal adviser to the mayor and other municipal units
Criminal litigation and legal claims in connection with municipal
Rights of the municipality and municipal employees regarding claims by allowing the municipality Trfyt
Regulate commitment letters, contracts and other Slhnamh
Participation in hearings and administrative proceedings in the Court of Justice courts of general
Membership in the group properties and regional agreements
Preparation of legal bills

Legal Expert
Regional legal experts under the duty solicitor shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Response to legal inquiries and courts etc.
Returned checks followed by courts
Follow-up projects in the municipal courts and police and legal and administrative as legal representative
Reply Dadkhvasthay Court justice and administrative regulation to send the bill to the Court
Participating in meetings to address municipal lawsuits in courts
Refer to the executive and the judiciary to issue warrant
Correspondence with agencies, Justice and ... In connection with duties
Approved commitment letter for presentation to Planning Unit, Attorney and approved for mortgage documents to provide income units
Refer to the branches of Justice, Dispute Resolution Council, prosecutors, and police station ... In connection with duties
Prepare bills in connection with the defense of legal claims and criminal citizens of the municipality
Response to inquiries in connection with municipal units of domestic legal
Branch office of legal affairs